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  • Plumbing Services in Fort Stockton, Texas

    Wilson Plumbing Service in Fort Stockton, Texas offers a full range of residential and commercial plumbing services.
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  • Commercial Plumbing Services

    Wilson Plumbing Service in Fort Stockton, Texas offers comprehensive commercial plumbing services.
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  • Roto-Rooter Service

    Roto-Rooter Service is a type of plumbing service that involves using specialized equipment to clear out clogged drains and sewer lines.
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Welcome to Wilson Plumbing Service

Residential & Commercial Plumbing Services in Texas

Wilson Plumbing Service is a multi-generational plumbing business. I Lee Wilson, have been in plumbing related business for a total of 45 years. My son Kevin has been the primary field technician and field company representative for Wilson Plumbing Service.

I am thankful and appreciate our customers that have allowed me to serve them and prosper over the years. It will be a pleasure to continue serving the public with safe and functional plumbing practices, delivering the best services at competitive prices.

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Residential Plumbing Services in Texas

Wilson Plumbing Service in Fort Stockton, Texas offers a full range of residential plumbing services. They are committed to providing high-quality services to homeowners in the area, and they have the expertise to evaluate, install, or repair any plumbing system within a residential home.
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Commercial Plumbing Services in Fort Stockton Texas

Wilson Plumbing Service in Fort Stockton, Texas offers comprehensive commercial plumbing services. They understand the unique needs of commercial plumbing systems, which are often larger and more complex than residential systems.
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Commercial locations we provided services in addition to our solid Residential base of customers

Fort Stockton Community Theater
Tractor Supply
Ram Country
Enterprise Products
5th StreetHouse
Area Churches
Stripes Stores
Chamberlain Museum - Marfa Tx
Windmill Farms
Area Financial Institution

Frequently Asked Questions

Main Sewer Line Installations

Sewer line installation involves laying sewer pipes that connect your home’s plumbing to the local sewage system, including the main sewer line. This process includes excavation, laying of the bedding for sewer lines, pipe laying, connection testing, and ensuring connections to sinks, toilets, and other fixtures are secure. A crucial step in this process is the final inspection to ensure the sewer pipe’s functionality and compliance with safety standards. Wilson Plumbing Service ensures a thorough and compliant installation in Fort Stockton and surrounding areas, emphasizing the importance of quality and durable materials for the sewer pipe and its connections to other fixtures.
The time required to install a new sewer line can vary based on the scope of the project, but typically it takes a few days to a week. Our team at Wilson Plumbing Service works efficiently to minimize disruption and ensure quality installation.
Wilson Plumbing Service is your local expert in sewer line installations, serving Fort Stockton and the surrounding communities. Our experienced technicians ensure that your new sewer line is installed correctly and efficiently.

Water Heater Installers

Choosing the right water heater depends on your household's size, water usage, energy efficiency preferences, and budget. Wilson Plumbing Service can help you select a water heater that meets your needs and install it efficiently.
Signs you might need a new water heater include inconsistent water temperatures, rumbling noises from the tank, leaks around the base, and if the unit is over 10 years old.
Wilson Plumbing Service specializes in the installation of energy-efficient water heaters, helping you save on energy bills and reduce your environmental impact. Contact us for options available in Fort Stockton and surrounding areas.

Commercial Plumbing

For reliable and skilled commercial plumbers specializing in large commercial projects near Fort Stockton, Texas, contact Wilson Plumbing Service. Our experienced professionals ensure top-quality workmanship and efficient project completion, providing a range of services from installation of fixtures to maintaining drain and sewer lines. We service a variety of commercial settings, including manufacturing facilities and office buildings, ensuring all your plumbing needs are met with expertise.
Common commercial plumbing issues include clogged drains, leaking fixtures, sewer system backups, and problems with water pressure. Wilson Plumbing Service has the expertise to quickly diagnose and resolve all of these issues and more, ensuring your operations run smoothly.

Commercial Plumbing Systems
for New Construction and Remodels

Key plumbing considerations for a new home remodel include the placement of fixtures, pipe material selection, and compliance with local building codes. Wilson Plumbing Service provides expert consultations to help you make the best choices for your remodeling project.
Wilson Plumbing Service is highly recommended for new construction projects in the Fort Stockton area and beyond. Our team offers expert installations and ensures all plumbing is up to code.
Current trends in plumbing for new homes include touchless fixtures, energy-efficient systems, and smart home water monitors. Wilson Plumbing Service stays updated on the latest technologies to provide you with the best options.

Residential Plumbing Systems

Signs you might need residential plumbing services include slow drains, water spots on walls or ceilings, unusually high water bills, and persistent dripping noises. Wilson Plumbing Service in Fort Stockton can help diagnose and fix these issues promptly. For most homeowners, it's also crucial to use safe cleaning solutions and enzyme-based cleaners to maintain sewer lines, ensuring the safety and longevity of their plumbing systems.
Wilson Plumbing Service provides emergency residential plumbing services in Fort Stockton and nearby areas. Call us today for assistance with any urgent plumbing needs.
We recommend having your residential plumbing system inspected at least once a year to ensure everything is functioning properly and to prevent future issues. Wilson Plumbing Service offers comprehensive inspections and maintenance services.

Gas Line Repair

Signs your gas line may need repairs include a sulfur or rotten egg smell, hissing or whistling sounds near gas lines, and visible rust or condensation on the pipes. Wilson Plumbing Service offers expert gas line inspections and repairs.
Wilson Plumbing Service provides emergency gas line repair services throughout Fort Stockton and surrounding areas. Contact us immediately if you suspect any issues with your gas lines.
Signs of a gas leak include the smell of rotten eggs, hissing sounds from gas appliances, and an unexpected increase in gas bills. Evacuate the area and contact Wilson Plumbing Service for immediate assistance.

Sewer Cleanout and Drain Cleaning

We recommend scheduling a sewer cleanout at least once every two years to prevent clogs and maintain optimal function. However, more frequent cleanouts might be necessary for older systems or those in high-use areas.
The best methods for drain cleaning include snaking, hydro jetting, and chemical treatments, depending on the severity and nature of the clog. Wilson Plumbing Service provides a range of effective drain cleaning solutions tailored to your specific needs.
Wilson Plumbing Service offers eco-friendly sewer cleanout services, using sustainable methods and products to protect your plumbing and the environment. Contact us for green solutions in Fort Stockton and beyond.

Water System Repair and Re-Pipe Installations

Signs that your home may need a re-pipe include persistent leaks, rusty water, low water pressure, and frequent plumbing repairs. Wilson Plumbing Service can assess your pipes and recommend the best course of action.
The cost to repair a residential water system varies depending on the extent of the damage and the specific repairs needed. Contact Wilson Plumbing Service for a detailed estimate tailored to your home’s needs.
Updating your home’s plumbing system can improve water pressure, reduce the risk of leaks and water damage, increase energy efficiency, and enhance the overall value of your property. Ensuring a reliable water supply is crucial for the efficiency of both commercial and residential plumbing systems, as it affects everything from the functionality of fixtures to the integrity of water heaters.

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Wilson Plumbing Service is a multi-generational plumbing business. I, Lee Wilson, have been in a plumbing related business for a total of 45 years.
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